Over one billion men, women, and children are living in slums in the developing world. These abhorrent conditions are a personal tragedy for each family that lives in them. They also represent a moral crisis for the rest of us–and a threat to the global economy and world security.

Global Housing Foundation’s (GHF’s) mission is to provide affordable housing for the working poor. Around the world, these industrious laborers currently live in deplorable conditions fearing for their safety, security and shelter from the elements. Our success stories have proven that security of tenure and pride of home ownership translates to improved family conditions, and ensures a better life for generations.

In developing nations …


One out of every four households lives in poverty, or 1,200,000,000 people.


Households need an average of 8 to 12.5 times their annual income to buy a house.


5.8% of children die before the age of five years.


Less than 20% of households are connected to piped water. Lack of available sanitary drinking water is one of the world’s biggest health crises.


Global Housing Foundation Selecting New Projects:

Investigating Global Locations to Build Sustainable Homes
Global Housing Foundation is in the process of inspecting opportunities to build sustainable homes in order to provide access to affordable housing for residents living in some of the world’s poorest communities. It will leverage expertise and resources of global experts and investors to provide affordable and adequate housing for those in need.


Supporting Women’s Rights, Family Continuity and Gender Equality

As part of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) all housing facilitated by Global Housing Foundation mandates that a woman’s name be on the deed. Studies show that this is the surest way to keep the family together and encourage the children’s education.


Building Sustainable Workforce Housing

The Global Housing Foundation supports the inclusion of shelter as a human right as set out in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeks to promote affordable and decent housing as a means of improving deficient conditions in slums and squatter settlements.


Creating Private/Public Partnership in Building Homes

GHF utilizes the Developer Partner Program whereby local real estate development companies designate a section of their housing project toward workforce housing. Upon the completion of the home, GHF-UN preapproved local banks provide individual home financing. The GHF advances are then returned to GHF for the purpose of funding the construction of another GHF-UN home.


Municipal Participation

GHF, through its UN partnership, requires that local municipalities provide clear title to land and create sufficient infrastructure such as local utility connections and deeded road access. In compliance with agreed upon GHF/UN standards for housing requirements, homes are built using local labor and materials – essential in creating jobs and economic vibrancy.

How You Can Help and Get Involved

Global Housing Foundation Offers Several Ways for You To Join Us to Provide Affordable Housing for the Working Poor.

Pay It Forward Partner

With our “Pay-It-Forward Partner Program,” philanthropic organizations and private sector individuals fund the initial cost of homes such as construction financing.

Developer Alliance Program

The “Developer Partner Program” is tailored around the special needs of real estate developers and is specifically designed to deliver project benefits and enhancements that directly transfer into value-added components for housing projects.

Send Donation

GHF can custom tailor a donation or sponsorship program according to your needs. We can also implement strategic partnerships between companies and countries who are interested in participating with our mission.