United Nations Partner

The Foundation partners with the UN through UN-Habitat and maintains information networks with other organizations engaged in the provision of housing and housing finance institutions. It has contact through its membership with representatives from government housing ministries in Central America, Europe and South Africa. UN senior staff and delegates are invited to participate in occasional substantive meetings involving public and private sector actors essential to this process.

Support of ECOSOC

Representatives of the Foundation participate in many relevant ECOSOC conferences, including Commissions on Sustainable Development, Social Development and all UN-Habitat major meetings. Meetings include the conference on “Sustainable Cities: Urban Design” and annual World Habitat Day events. Some members have contributed presentations and were invited speakers at World Urban Forums which take place throughout the world. GHF was also represented at Governing Councils of UN-Habitat and was a member of the NGO Committee on Human Settlements.

Panama City

Making a Difference for the Working Poor in Panama. In 2015, in partnership with the United Nations and in alliance with the Grupo Shahani, GHF completed homes for the working poor. This pilot project tested and successfully addressed three of the UN Habitat Directives.


GHF’s initial project was in Managua, Nicaragua where new homes were funded and built by contributions from the real estate industry and members of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation.